Hops question

I’m still pretty new everyone. I have an extract Guiness clone from AHS that I am going to brew next. The recipe calls for 2 1/2 oz kent goldings and the kit came with 3- 1 oz packs.

My question is, should I just use all 3 oz or weigh out 1/2 oz from 1 pack.

If you want to stay true to the recipe, go with 2.5. You won’t ruin it by adding 3. Another option is 2 at 60 mins., and 1 at the end.

Maybe not traditional, but good. You can save the .5 oz for another beer. It’s your beer. :cheers:

Thanks, I think I’ll stick with the recipe.

Whats the best way to store the remainder? Zip-loc in the freezer? Also, how long do I have to use them up?

Ziploc in the freezer is fine. Squeeze the air out. Foodsaver works great. They’ll keep for months +. That small amount can be tossed in your next beer.