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Hops not growing

So, based on the few recent posts I have read, it sounds like my hops should be taller than they are…

I bought plants from fresh hops and they have not grown an inch. They have been planted for nearly a month and they have done nothing. It has been extremely rainy, but I would think they would do something. They should be past the “shock” stage, and I have given them starter food, and a week or so later, plant food.

I think the wet ground has stunted their growth, as nothing else in my garden is growing at all (except the kale, but I think that can grow in anything, it can last into November/December) and everything has been planted for the same amount of time. I also think that maybe I didn’t till enough sand into the garden. The guy at the garden center warned me not to till in too much because then it would allow too much water through.

Is there anything I can do or am I just SOL or what?



Are they through the ground and green and healthy looking or just rhizomes that have not sprouted?

They are live plants (so, hopefully, no root rot). They came in little tubes with dirt. I took them out of the tubes, dug a little hole and planted them… I realize they have a small root system at the moment, but I would think there would be SOME growth… but not even an inch…

I would be patient until they looked like they are wilting and dying.

:? Well, they aren’t doing that, they just look exactly the same as they did when I got them… I guess I’ll be patient…

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