Hops Lamb Imperial IPA - Reviews

I’m thinking about the Hops Lamb Imperial IPA extract kit. It would be the first imperial IPA I’ve ever brewed and the highest OG beer for me. I’ve brewed many extract kits before, but looking for advice in this one (temp control, starters, etc.) due to size. I have the ability to dial in the ambient temp in the chest freezer I use for storing carboys while fermenting, so I figure that might be a factor here… given the gravity on this beer to drive the brew temp 10 degrees above ambient temp during primary fermentation. Also planning for a yeast starter, but would love to hear thoughts on how big of a started would be needed for this one. Any one out there brew this kit yet?

This is a really good pitch rate/starter calculator.

Even though it is a big beer pushing the fermentation temperature higher than the nominal temperature for the yeast you will use can force unwanted esters.

If you can get your starer up to a pint sized yeast cake, you’ll do fine. I haven’t and don’t plan on use those on line calc.‘s, just me. And once to chillin’ it, take it 10 degrees below say, 68, then as the yeast gits to working away then slowly you can bring yer temp up 2-3 degrees a day until you get to 68… its what I do for BIG brews and has treated me well. Sneezles61

I haven’t made this kit but I’ve done a similar hopslam clone. I don’t know about US-05, it’ll be too clean. WY-1272 will get you much closer to the proper yeast, especially in the upper 60’s. Or if you wanted to go all out, you can get the real deal from The Yeast Bay. It’s a fantastic yeast.

But it’ll be violating the spirit of the kit and NB’s kit guarantee, so do that at your own risk. But there really isn’t a substitute for Bell’s yeast, especially when you have a ton of hops in the beer.