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Hops in Fermenter?

I usually do not put my hops in a bag ( I have been using Pellets). When i move my beer to the fermenter I get quite a bit hops into the fermenter, recently I have been using a strainer in my funnel as I move the wort to the fermenter, yet I sitll get quite a bit of hops residue in my fermenter. I do not secondary ferment.

So would you recommend a hop bag to help keep hop residue out?

I have used a version of this hop bag system. Best of both worlds. Hops are in a bag (little bits get out) and they are mostly free floating. ... holder.pdf

Or you could just not worry about it. I used to be anal about not letting hops in the fermenter but then I decided to not take any extraordinary measures to keep them out. No difference that I can tell.

I still let the kettle settle for 15-20 mins and leave the last 1/2 gallon of hops/trub behind but beyond that it all goes in.

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