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Hops identification

I have recently gotten hold of some hops plants that are local to this area. There was a thriving hops farming business from 1836 to the 1890’s in this area of Wisconsin. I have planted a couple hills in my hop yard. Are there any places where I can send a couple cones in the Fall to get them identified? Thank you.

I would start with Hop Union. They do AA tests, but can likely also check for other compounds/oils/etc. that might ID the varietal/cultivar.

You might get lucky, but in general it’s very difficult to identify hops by anything other than genetic testing.

I just wish I knew if they brought the rhizomes from Oneida NY where they lived from 1830 to 1836 or from Tenterden in Kent County UK where they grew hops before coming to the US. I’ve read letters where they got between $11.00 to $13.00 per hundred weight. Seems like an extremely labor intensive crop to get less than a penny an ounce.

aaaahhhhhh!! the good ole day’s. When a penny was more than just a penny. LOL!!

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