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Hops harvesting question

When you harvest your crop of hops do you just pick the cones off or do you cut the whole plant down? If you were to cut the whole plant down would it grow again the next year?

Harvest by picking cone, yes the grow the next year, bigger and better

Im gonna be moving soon…how can i bring the hops with me? Should i cut the whole plant down and dig up the rhizome and replant it?..1 other question how big should a hop plant get the first summer?

If you are moving in the heat of summer and transplanting, that could be an issue. But I would dig up whole root ball and transplant. If you have access now to where you are moving, may transplant now?

3 of the 6 first year plants I had last year went to the top of my 15’ trellis.

Just pick the cones. The leaves will continue to produce stuff for the hops to feed on, but with the hops gone it has no where to go except back down the vine and into the rhizome. This gives the next year’s crop a leg up. Cut the vines down when they are dried up. I did that last year for the first time and got a LOT of shoots early this season, way more than expected.

i just cut the whole bine down when it is 90% ready to wife and kids and I then lay it across our laps and have a pick off dropping the flowers into buckets between our legs.

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