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Hops for sale?

Has anyone seen any for sale?

Not sure I understand where you are looking. There are a few direct suppliers like Hops Direct

I have bought some from a local small farm also. Ask around your LHBS.

You can even find them on Ebay or Amazon.

As for forum members selling them, it’s kind of a gray area since our host sells them.

Do you mean hop rhizomes to plant at home? I think we’re maybe a little early… maybe in a month or so, you’ll start to see them listed.

Don’t go to some place that has a plant growing and they want to charge you $10.00 plus bucks. Get the rhizomes from our host, huge selection too, and save some more for more barley… Did that help HD4Mark? Sneezles61

You can already pre-order hop rhizomes through Home Brew Supply. I would have bought through our host but I was ready to check purchasing off the list, and NB isn’t selling yet.

Crosby Hop Farm is a great source for rhizomes.

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