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Hops for Helles

Brewing a Munich Helles today. Planning on using Perle, but also have US Tettnanger, Hersbrucker, and Hallertau. Anybody know how those would taste different?

Hallertau would be my suggestion. The most delicate variety is what you want here. Hersbrucker is OK but better suited for a pils IMO and US Tett are not like German ones.

I agree, if you have Hallertau use those. I tried Hersbrucker the last time I brewed a Helles, and was not happy with the result. You only want bittering hops in a Helles, so you wouldn’t think it would matter so much, but it does.

OK-just rechecked my stock and only have one package of Hallertau and need to keep it for a Weissbier. Have German and US Tettnang, German and US Perle. Recipe I am using has a 20 minute addition but you think I should forget it and just add 60 minute bittering? Leaning that way since I like my helles on the maltier side.

A little bit of hop flavor is fine so you could keep the middle addition. Use the German Perle for bittering and the German Tett for flavor.

I think the hop selection would be more important in a Helles than a hefe. I would use the Hallertau in the Helles.

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