Hops & Extract

Hi, all.
I really want to grow hops this summer, but need advice in planning. I’m only using extract still (sorry), but would love to grow my own hops and start a wet hopped beer.
Do you have any advice/ideas on a recipe I can use and then add freshly harvested hops?

Maybe it’s obvious, but do you have reco’s on what kind/s to grow?


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you probably have a few years before you will get any meaningful harvest.

Lot of wet hop recipes out there on the interwebs, but I personally do not have one.

With respect to the varietals, depends on your location. You want something somewhat resistant to aphids, molds, etc.

Oh, right, time for the plant to develop. Forgot.

Well, considering I’m in the Minneapolis area, are there any recommended varieties?

While there are many people here on this forum who have a lot of experience, you are probably best off having a discussion with the supplier of the rhizomes regarding the best varieties to grow in your area. They would be the most knowledgeable about the proper varieties for each zone.