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I am thinking of ordering 2-5 pounds of hops from HD. I am looking to get the most bang for my buck ( hops+shipping charges). I don’t want to order 2lbs and pay the same shipping price as I would have for 4lbs. So how many lbs did you order and what were your shipping cost. The State in which you live would also be helpful. I would just send HD an e-mail but probably won’t get a response until Monday or Tuesday, so I just thought I would ask here. :cheers: Thanks in advance

I ordered 3 #s from Missouri last night - $11 and change for shipping.

Ordered 5# earlier this week. $14.38 shipping to Helena Mt

You could check this from the UPS website, I think.

I used to compare different suppliers (okay, I made geeky spreadsheets) and always ended up going with Hops Direct. Best prices even with shipping across the country to TN, and quality product.

I bought 8 different 1lb packages from hops direct this winter, and vacuum sealed them into smaller 1-2 oz portions as I opened each one. The pellet hops were 1-2 oz over one pound, and the leaf hops were more like 3-4 ounces over. They seem to be fairly generous with their weights, enough to make up the shipping for me, which was about $11 for 4lbs to Arizona.

I ordered 4# and shipping was 10.63$. It ended up calculating in the cart, which I didn’t know was available at HD. Thanks everyone for the help. :cheers:

A little late now but I just got my receipt emailed to me and mine are enroute. I bought 5 pounds and the shipping was $13.73 to Troy, MI. Not bad, it comes to 82 cents per ounce including S&H.

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