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Hops Adjustment

I have been brewing the 1 gallon kits since the beginning of the year and am finally going to make the jump to slightly larger volumes. I plan on making a 2.5 gallon batch of the NB’s Nut Brown recipe and will be doing a full 2.5 gallon boil. I know most of the ingredients I can just look at the recipe online and divide them in half. The hops are going to be different though because they will be utilized differently because of the boil volume, right? What is an easy way to calculate the amount of hops I should use?

Is the recipe your looking at designed for a full boi?

If it is then your fine, if it’s not then input you recipe into a brewing software program and adjust the 60 min addition till your ibu’s are the same. Brew target is free.

If the kit you bought is designed for full-volume boils, you can just divide the hop amounts in half. If it is designed for concentrated boils, then multiply the bittering hop addition by 0.9 to account for the better utilization from a full volume boil, then cut it in half. Late edition hops just divide by two. Late hops are there for flavor and aroma, not bittering so utilization is not so important.

The recipe is for a 5 gallon batch, only a 2.5 gallon boil. The recipe calls for 1 oz. of Fuggle for the full 60 minute boil. Using a bitterness calculator I found online, doing a 2.5 gallon batch full boil, I should be using about .34 oz. Does that sound correct? Thanks for everybody’s help!

Use the full oz when doing a 2.5 gallon boil if you do a full 5 gallon boil look up the all grain recipe and use the hop amount listed for it most of the time that will be less.

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