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Hope and King Scottish Ale Kit

A buddy and myself are having a brew day soon and were thinking of doing a Scottish Ale. I was looking over the NB kits and found this one as part of there pro series kits.

I was looking over the hop schedule and see that it says 3oz of hops at 10min. Has anyone else done this kit before because that seems like a lot of hops to me, is this correct? Thanks in advance for your help.

Here’s a link to the recipe…

It sounds like a lot of late-addition hops but there is so much going on with the malt that the final result is smooth and delicious. It’s a great kit; I did it once and fully intend to do it again sometime.

I made my own version with 0.5oz centennial for an hour and 3oz EKG at 10min. Turned out very nice, and not too much hop flavor or aroma. It balances the malt well, with just enough bitterness to keep it from being too sweet.

Thanks for all the replies. I have been brewing for a while, but just recently have started to really dive into analyzing recipes. When I saw that it just shocked me!! Hhahaaa

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