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Hop-up my red

Her is what I am brewing tomorrow. It is Jamil’s Irish Red, 12 gallons. I am going to ferment in two 6-gallon fermentors and would like to leave one as is and hop one up.

18.0 Lbs 2 row
1.0 Lbs Victory
0.75 Lbs Crystal 40
0.75 Lbs Crystal 120
0.75 Lbs Roast Barley 300
1.5 oz Willamette for 60 min

After flameout I will run off 6 gallons into the first fermentor. The add about 3 oz cascade to the kettle and whirlpool for 5 minutes then run off into the second fermentor. Then dry hop with another 2 oz of cascade.

Any comments, suggestions?

sounds good to me

i have often thought of, making 12 gallons of an irish red at 60mins, draining 5.5 gallons into a kettle with a chiller. Then boiling the remaining 6.5gal with extended 15-20 minuets boil time while adding more late addition hops; thus adding more IBUs and hop flavor like a red colored IPA

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