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Hop Stout

Hey everybody! I’m working on one of my first full custom brews, trying to get the body of a nice Irish stout with the hops of an IPA. What do you guys think of this? Any tips?

Briess Traditional Dark Liquid Extract
6 lbs, 0 oz
Briess 2 Row Caramel
10 0 lbs, 4 oz
Briess Flaked Barley
0 lbs, 4 oz
Briess Roasted Barley
0 lbs, 4 oz
Crisp Chocolate Malt
0 lbs, 4 oz
Chinook Whole Leaf
2 oz @ 60 mins
Cascade Pellets
1 oz @ 45 mins
Chinook Whole Leaf
1 oz @ 7 mins
Cascade Pellets
2 oz @ Dry
Gypsum 2 oz
Wyeast Labs Irish Ale


2 oz of chinook at sixty mins is like 90 ibus on its own.

You can’t just steep flaked barley. 4 oz wont do much anyway. Your probably better off adding a few pounds of wheat DME to balance that 100+ IBUs.

You probably ought to cut the gypsum down a little… :wink:

The 2 oz of gypsum is the smallest amount the recipe builder would allow me to use. I’m planning on using about a teaspoon.

Unless you know what your water is like, I wouldn’t use gypsum in a beer that dark. Also, you’re generally better off using the lightest extract you can find and getting the color and flavor by adding specialty grains, rather than using dark extract.

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