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Hop Storage question?

Hello I have a question about how would one go about Storing there hops they buy in bulk if someone doesn’t have a vacuum food saver???.

If you buy hops in bulk, invest in a sealer; it’s worth it.

I’ve been just wrapping them back up and freezing them trying to squeeze all the air out. I definitely lost a significant amount of fresh aroma but everything else held. I think a vacuum seal would help.

I second the vacuum sealer. You can get a reasonable priced one on eBay. The Food Saver brand works well. One tip is to make sure your bags seal flat for better storage in the freezer. That way, you can stack the bags. Also, if the bags aren’t flat, I’ve had a few crack in the freezer when stacking.

Got one of these machines as well. Works perfect for hop storage.

I’ll fourth the vacuum sealer recommendation.

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