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Hop Stoopid clone

So… anyone brew it?

I did. It’s tasty but I don’t think it’s Hop Stoopid. I followed the recipe linked by NB a few months ago.

This, ... ne-recipe/


Upped the dry hop but nothing more than I’ve DH before. 5.5 oz dry hopped. 9.75 oz total. OG was 1.073 (68%)// FG 1.015.

I used 1, 5ml Hop Shot at 60 minutes. Regular not the Amarillo shot. NB purchased. 90 minute boil.

Used WL 001 with a starter, decanted.

A month in the primary, last 10 days dry hopped.

Well, it tasted good but it’s really cloudy. Hop Shot related? Never used it before. I also added Whirliflock for the last 5 minutes as I always do. It’s been kegged for 2 weeks and I haven’t seen any change in the pour clarity. Not really complaining just puzzled. I’ve brewed Vinnie’s Pliny clone and a Surly Furious clone recently that use as many or more hops than this recipe and these clear up beautifully.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I noticed you used 001 instead of the London Ale the recipe called for. Any thoughts if that could be a differentiating factor for your results?

I think the use of an english ale yeast strain is critical the profile of all of the lagunitas beers.

Have you listened to Jamil Z’s podcast about about Hop Stoopid on the The Brewing Network? He discusses the recipe with the brewmaster from Lagunitas and provides a recipe based on the discussion. I haven’t listened to this particular podcast, but I’ve brewed several of the other recipes from the Can You Brew It series and they have come out really close. Here’s a link:
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