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Hop Stand

Brewed a nice IPA today, used 6 oz of hops with 2 more reserved for dry hopping.
12 lbs 2 row
1 lb caravienne
1 lb Crystal 15
10oz of acidulated malt for PH adjustment

mixed 2 oz each of amarillo, mosaic, summit, and cascade then divided into 4 2 oz additions.

used at 60, 20, at flame out I cooled to 180, then added & whirlpooled for 20 min and finished cooling to 70F. Pitched US-05 and I will dry hop after 1 week for a full week.

OG = 1.068
IBUs = 103+

This hop mix averaged out to 11.1%AA.

A little beer anyone? This IIPA is so fragrant, 1/2 lb of hops are in this 5 gal batch! I get citrus and guava and a touch of pine in the background. This will be my new house beer.

It started at 1.068 and finished at 1.004, I thought it was going to be too dry but man is it nice.
This is the first beer I was able to calculate mash PH, brew with less hard water, fermented in temp controlled fridge and 20 minute hop stand after cooling to 180F.

Gotta throw a big thanks to Denny for helping me through my water woes and giving me some recipe advice! Thanks Denny Conn.

Not to mention brewing on the rig of his design! Toilet braid and rectangle cooler!

Nice looks good.

Nice, I’m about to try my first hop stand with my next brew at 180f for an hour or so. Did you notice a big jump in hop flavor?

I’ve noticed a significant increase in flavor from doing hop stands. In my experience 30 minutes is plenty of time.

Pics not showing up for me… is it my PC or is anyone else having this issue?

You might want to double check your board settings.
User Control Panel > Board Preferences > Edit Display Options
Verify that “Display images within posts” is enabled.

Huh, I’m getting pics from other posts. Oh well.

I only did mine for 20 minutes and it is a world of difference. Aroma is greatly intensified…the whole fermentation smelled like a fresh opened bag of hops. The taste is also a world of difference, I get soo much more citrus and tropical fruit that I previously only got a glimpse of.

If I had to make a comparison it is a lot like the Stone enjoy by series, I previously thought I could only get this type of flavor from a store bought craft beer brand like Stone or Ale Smith (Local here to SD).

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