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Hop Stand vs Dry Hop

Brewed this all centennial IPA recently.

10 lb 2 row
1 lb crystal 40
.75 oz centennial 60 mins
1 oz centennial 20 mins
2 ozz centennial 5 mins
1 0z centennial DH

Fermented out to 1.009. Nice dry and crisp. First couple of weeks in the keg I didn’t care for it. Too green and grassy tasting. It’s about a month old now and it’s really good.

Someone mentioned in another thread that doing a hop stand instead of dry hopping gives a more rounded smoother finish early on, avoiding the green and grassy flavors in the young beer.

What’s been your experience with doing hop stands? How do you think it compares to DH.

When I change the DH to a steep for 30 mins in BS2 it increases the IBUs by about 15 points. Will that be reflected in the bitterness of the beer?

I’ve heard mention that hop stands can get similar results to DH with less hops. Should I reduce the charge to keep the IBU in line with the original recipe?

I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with this recipe for a while to come and may try all the options but I’d be interested in any experiences you have comparing a hop stand to DH.

I do both. I find that a hop stand significantly improves the hop flavor and aroma compared to just doing late additions. IMO a hop stand does not contribute enough aroma to replace dry hopping, although they certainly augment each other and you could possibly cut the amount of dry hops just a little.

Before starting my hop stand, I chill the wort to <180°F in order to avoid extracting bitterness. In BS2 I configure this addition as a 0 min boil addition, so no bitterness contribution is calculated. I find that 30 minutes is plenty of time.

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