Hop Spider Question

Building a hop spider, based on the BYO Dec '11 article.

My question is, how big a bag should I use?

My BK is a 10.5 Polar Ware.

The most hops I’ve ever used was 6 oz of pellets.

Only bag I ever used in a hop-spider was a 5-gal paint-strainer, plenty big enough for 6oz of hops.

same here. I think twice that hop volume would be more than ok.

at one point we used a smaller bag for the hop spider but then switched to a bigger one. It just seemed that the more space the more room for the hops to move around and the better utilization. That’s not based on anything scientific at all. Just my own thoughts that if they’re clumped up in a little ball it probably isn’t good. Kind of like doughballs when mashing.

Thanks for the advice. a 5 gallon bag it is