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Hop sludge in secondary

I dry hopped pellets into secondary car boy after 10 days in the primary. After a few days, I’d say 90% of the hops sank to the bottom, leaving the top fairly clean. However, a few days after that I took a look and the top of the beer is covered again with a thick cover of sludge. Anyone have a similar experience and/or know why that might happen? Thanks.

Can you send a picture?

Here you go. A few days ago, the surface of the beer was largely clear of that residue.

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Actually, that looks good, awesome. Probably a little upwelling from a small secondary fermentation occurred, it’s all good. Everything looks above board. Just give it a little more time a week or two.

That’s good news. Thanks for you help, greatly appreciated.

You’re welcome, anytime.

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Looks fine. Can be due to a secondary fermentation like @voodoo_donut said or could just be a change in barometric pressure, like when bodies float up to the surface after a storm, hate when that happens…haha

I’m not sure what your goal was in doing a secondary but I see no reason to wait if your gravity is constant. 3-5 days. at room temp is plenty for dry hop before packaging.

Thanks dannyboy. Same sludge still floating on surface (thankfully, no dead bodies…yet), but I’m going to go ahead and bottle tomorrow and try to avoid siphoning any up as best I can. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out in a few weeks. Thanks again to you and voodoo.

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