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Hop selections for Belgian

Not sure if this would be the right place to ask this question but I have a recipe for a Belgian strong that I have been working on and was wondering what hops would be recommended for this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I usually go for some saaz or goldings.

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+1, saaz is a good choice, as are any of the noble hops. Styrian goldings would be nice, too.

Well, if I use 1.0oz Saaz at 60 and .5oz at 15 and dry hop during fermintation with another .5. This brings the IBU to about 16. If I use 1.5 oz at 60 this brings it back into style at 23ish. What extra would I get by using another .5 at 60 vs just a stronger hop? here is a link to the recipe.


I’ll throw this out there, Saaz is a great hop for that brew, Golding would bring a bit more of the piney, citrus aroma/flavor but not in your face, still another good selection… Maybe try another yeast to kick it up a couple of notches… Whites 870! Sneezles61

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