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Hop Schedule

Good Morning, I am brewing an imperial stout this weekend, and using one of the recipes in ibrewmaster for an imperial stout. My question is that it calls for 5 different hops additions, and in the app it shows a full 60 minutes for all the hops. Does this seem odd to anyone? Listed below are the hops the recipe calls for, and it shows 60 minutes on all of them. I could be wrong but is just seemed odd to me.

Mt. Hood Hop Pellets 1 oz.
US Fuggle Hop Pellets 1 oz.
Cascade Hop Pellets 1 oz.
UK First Gold Hop Pellets 1 oz.
US Northern Brewer Hop Pellets 1 0z.

Its not odd for a stout to have only a 60min addition, you typically don’t have a lto of hop flavor or aroma in the style since its about the roasty chocolatey character. Its a bit odd to use so many different hops at 60min since they’ll contribute only small amounts of hop character. But if you want to follow the recipe then it is best to do what it says.

iBrewmaster is a pretty nice program to keep track of your schedule and to document recipes. However, in my experience, the generic recipes in the program are spotty. Some look like they have been dumped into the program incorrectly. Some are way, way off style for a claimed “basic” recipe. It sounds like your stout was incorrectly added to program and some of the hop additions should be later in the boil.

I would look to other sources for a good imperial stout recipe. The popular forums, brewing books (Brewing Classic Styles) and online videos are a great, and often overwhelming, source of ideas. Let iBrewmaster track your recipe, but use your good judgement in developing the recipe.

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