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Hop schedule suggestion

I’m going to brew an IPA tomorrow. I’ve got the grains from the NB Chinook IPA AG recipe. I don’t have any Chinook hops but I’ve got 2 oz Centennial 9.7% AA and 2 oz Zythos 10.9 AA. My local brew store suggested I try the Zythos (I’ve never used them before). I’m shooting for a hoppy aroma IPA.

What does everyone suggest as a hop addition schedule for those hops?

I will probably dry hop later and have liked past results using Centennial but am open to suggestions for that as well. By then I’ll have time to buy more hops.


you only have 4oz total? it would be nice to get more. I would do a 60min of centennial for the bulk of the IBU’s, then do a 50/50 mix at 15min, 5min, and 1min or flameout. Use them all

i would definitely dry hop. an ounce of each sounds good

With the same grain bill as the chinook ipa (which is around 1.050 or so) 4 ounces would work in the boil. I’ve brewed the NB kit once, and it is indeed closer in gravity to a pale with only 4oz of hops in the kit.
I’d say use an ounce of one as bittering, then throw an ounce at 10, 5, and 0.
Possibly pick up another ounce or as dry hop.

edit: Just looked at the recipe and the OG is 1.053 with only 3oz of hops shipping with the kit and I remember it being sufficiently bitter for the gravity
I’d bitter with .25 oz of each, then mix each addition 50/50 between to two types (possibly using the extra .25 of each for the 0 min)

60 .25 zythos/.25 cent
10 .5 zythos/ .5 cent
5 .5 zythos/ .5 cent
0 .75 zythos/ .75 cent

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