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Hop schedule opinion

I’m new to late hopping for flavor, and high IBU beers anyway, so looking for some feedback on the following:

Target OG 1.071, 7 gal batch

60 min .5oz 11.8 Chinook pellets
20 min 1.5 oz 11.8 Chinook pellets
15 min 1 oz 7.1 whole Cascades
10 min 1 oz 9.3 Amarillo pellets
5 min 1 oz 9.3 Amarillo pellets
1 oz Cascades dry-hop in secondary

ProMash says 54 IBU

Just looking for any obvious conflicts or advice.


Not sure if you ever brewed this since this post goes a little ways back. I know others have way more hop experience than me.

But based on my limited experience with chinook perhaps cut down on the 20 addition since Chinook can dominate. Might taste like grapefruit juice. Not sure what you grain bill looks like.

I’d be curious to see what others have to say about this hop schedule though. Looks tasty!

If you did brew it please report back!

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