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Hop schedule fot IIPA

I’m brewing IIPA soon with OG around 1.085.
I’m using Simcoe/Columbus combo. Each hop addition contains equal parts of those two hops.
Could you please comment on the schedule? Am I overdoing the hops? (I know, you can’t overdo hops, but still) I like dank/piney aroma and flavor which I will hopefully get from these varieties. Should I change anything according to your experience with these hops? Maybe bumb up the columbus for bittering and be more generous with simcoe toward the end? I heard columbus can be harsh if used too much. If anyone have anything to suggest I’m all ears. Here is the recipe (sorry for awkward numbers, I converted from metric)

[size=+1]14-C Imperial IPA[/size]

Size: 6,6 gal
Efficiency: 65,0%
Attenuation: 84,0%
Calories: 379,03 kcal per 0,5 L

Original Gravity: 1,081 (1,075 - 1,090)
Terminal Gravity: 1,013 (1,010 - 1,020)
Color: 21,68 (15,76 - 29,55)
Alcohol: 9,03% (7,5% - 10,0%)
Bitterness: 114,9 (60,0 - 120,0)

20,94 lb (87,6%) 20,94 lb Pilsner Malt - added during mash
1,1 lb (4,6%) 1,1 lb Biscuit Malt - added during mash
1,1 lb (4,6%) 1,1 lb Carahell® - added during mash
0,77 lb (3,2%) 0,77 lb Corn Sugar - added during boil, boiled 60 m
1,23 oz (7,8%) 1,23 oz Simcoe® (12,7%) - added first wort, boiled 60 m
1,23 oz (7,8%) 1,23 oz Columbus (13,0%) - added first wort, boiled 60 m
0,71 oz (4,4%) 0,71 oz Simcoe® (12,7%) - added during boil, boiled 30 m
0,71 oz (4,4%) 0,71 oz Columbus (13,0%) - added during boil, boiled 30 m
1,06 oz (6,7%) 1,06 oz Simcoe® (12,7%) - added during boil, boiled 10 m
1,06 oz (6,7%) 1,06 oz Columbus (13,0%) - added during boil, boiled 10 m
3,17 oz (20,0%) 3,17 oz Simcoe® (12,7%) - steeped after boil
3,17 oz (20,0%) 3,17 oz Columbus (13,0%) - steeped after boil
1,76 oz (11,1%) 1,76 oz Simcoe® (12,7%) - added dry to primary fermenter
1,76 oz (11,1%) 1,76 oz Columbus (13,0%) - added dry to primary fermenter
2 ea 2 ea Fermentis US-05 Safale US-05

Water: Ca 107, Mg 17, Na 0, Cl 44, SO4 274, HCO3 0. pH 5,45

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That’s a lot of hops if you are talking about a 5 gallon batch. I am a big fan of late hopping schedules where half of my IBUs come from 30 to 0 minute additions. From what you posted, your dry hopping schedule looks a bit wasteful with 6.5 oz at flameout and 6.5 oz in fermenter. I make 22 gallon batches and that’s about what I use for mine with 4X the volume as you.

I just want to use the whole pound of hops in a batch. never done it, so I want to try it. this is actually a 6.6 gallons batch. So a bit more than regular 5 gal batch.

I thought I might screw something up, but after reading a bit on it I found many recipes with such hop schedule…


Do NOT use a full pound of hops! Resist all temptation… Repent my brother! OR ELSE! you’ll become an “ardent hop junkie” like me. :lol:

I am actually posting to tell you to DOUBLE your hop bill. Seriously. I use a pound in my house IPA. Pickup Steele’s IPA, the data is in there…

For my house IPA (6G at 1.072 or so) I do a 30 minute hopstand with 10z and dry hop with 6oz. No other additions. I bump from 5.5 to 6G to offset losses due to hop material.

Since you’ve never done a pound, give it a shot. Should be a good IIPA. Recipe looks great. Acidifying sparge will help tame the CTZ if you have high alkalinity in your water. CTZ is “the dank”.

Go big or go home.

he he good to hear some support here :mrgreen:

can’t wait to taste this beer. thanks!

How long are you planning to steep after flameout? I’d recommend at least an hour before you start chilling if you’re after a really intense hop flavor and aroma.

A pound of hops for an IIPA is a decent start. I currently use a little over a pound in 3 gallons of IPA. It is insanely good.

I did not notice a difference between 30 and 60 minute hop stands, so I just do 30. That said, I do stir well every 5 minutes.

brewed this beer couple of days ago. thanks for all the advice. I steeped the hops in the kettle after flame out for 30 minutes. This is a hop bomb really.

I got more wort than I planned. I was afraid filling the fermentor more than usual because I had blow offs above that point, and with this one, with such a high gravity I thought it was even more possible that it could happen.

so I left almost a gallon of wort in PET bottles and froze it. it’s been a while, it’s fermenting like crazy but it doesn’t seem like it will blow off. now I’m tempted to boil this frozen wort for 10 minutes, chill it in an ice bath and toss it in the fermenting beer. I mean, that’s probably 10 bottles of beer.

don’t know what to do. is it worth a risk? what do you guys think?

thanks :cheers:

I wouldn’t fool with it. How far off was your OG? Sometimes on big beers I have to extend the boil to hit my goals. This can be problematic with a complicated hop schedule. Cool part with the hop stand only is this is no concern…

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