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Hop schedule advice please?

Hi All,

Long time reader, but first time poster, looking for help.
I’m looking to citrus hop the hell out of an IPA kit.
Can anyone help with a hop schedule, including dry hopping, using the following?

John Bull IPA kit 1.8kg
500g Medium Spraymalt
1kg Muntons Beerkit enhancer (DME & Dextrose)
11g Gervin English Ale Yeast

100g Cascade (Pellets)
Floral and Citrus aroma
Dual Purpose Hop
AA 6.6%

100g Wakatu/Hallertau Aroma
Moderate Bittering and floral/lime aroma
Dual Purpose Hop
AA 8.2%

100g Kazbek
Slightly spicy with zesty lemon/grapefruit aromas.
AA 5.65%

I’m looking to boil the spraymalt, adding hops for bittering and aroma, before adding to the kit.
Then adding a dry hop after a few days.

Many thanks in advance.

I know you said that you want to citrus hop the hell out of the IPA and that you wanted to use the above ingredients. While i have not used the second two yet, I don’t know that you will get there with what you have. If I want a citrus bomb i strictly adhere to using citra, centennial, and amarillo. Some might disagree, but I have found that I’m way to used to the new proprietary hops and their citra strength thus making cascade seem pale in comparision. Having said that, i have centennial to be an excellent non proprietary hop at adding a lot of citrus taste. But it can be a be harsh sometimes.

Here’s how I would do it to maximize flavor and aroma and to give you about 70 IBUs.

25 g Wakatu (60 minutes)
50 g Cascade (15)
50 g Kazbek (15)
25 g Cascade (2)
25 g Kazbek (2)
50 g Wakatu (2)
25 g Cascade (dry hop)
25 g Kazbek (dry hop)
25 g Wakatu (dry hop)

Add your dry hops after fermentation is almost complete with specific gravity in the 1.010s, and leave in there for about 4 days. And you’re done.

Thanks to you both for your replies.
This forum is the best!

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