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Hop Sale!

As if you all needed another reason to fill your freezers with a few more pounds of hops, but…

Hops Direct is having their “Hop Yard Sale” today only.
Some really great buys on hops from the 2011 crop. Most varieties that they have available are on sale.
You may now proceed to go buy 5 more lbs of hops.

Thanks for the heads-up! Columbus pellets for $6 a lb are hard to pass up and a bunch of other varieties that I don’t usually buy were also cheap.

Nice lookin out! I don’t need hops… but am ordering anyway.

That’s exactly what I thought too. Ordered 4 lbs…even though I don’t need them. I hope my wife doesn’t get too mad.
Just couldn’t pass up the pound of Citra and those Columbus pellets.

Same here. Can’t pass up some of these…

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