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Hop rocket

Anyone use the Blichman HopRocket? I was considering upgrading my equipment and buying a pump, plate chiller, and the Blichman HopRocket. Some people rave about them in reviews and other don’t have much to say. I hear a lot more people compliment its filtering qualities more than the actual hop qualities. Anyone else have useful info?

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I see what the hop rocket can do, looks like a do-able gizmo, but. I think I would go for a SS basket from Utah Biodesiel. They do make one that I’ve yet to git just for hopping in the kettle. Since you’ll be pumping, why not have that hop basket and you could dump the output directly into it, there for, extracting even more potential. As far as a plate chiller, maybe divert yer eyes and look at JaDeD wort chiller. I think that is another great piece of equipment. And being as how I’m handy, I’ll build my own. Sneezles61

Ive got one similar to utahs…works great!

I love my plate chiller. Uses a little more water than I’d like but chills fast. People seem to make a big issue out of how to clean them but I’ve never had a problem. I bag my hops in the boil and immediately rinse the chiller in the opposite direction with boiling water after the wort is in the fermenters. Then next brew day when I’m boiling sparge water I run some through the pump, lines and chiller to prep it for the new wort. Pretty simple and painless really.

Yeah that sounds pretty nice. Thanks.

I have the bigger one for the grist and it works great. I have to convince the Wife I really do need to spend a tad bit more money on brew stuff :relaxed: Sneezles61

They have some good deals in their discount section.

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Okay, resurrecting an old topic but heading down the “Jaded” path. Anyone use one? Son and I just got one and will brew Thursday to try it out. Comments?

Did you build one? Comments?

Not yet, I’ve acquired the copper for that… A friend built one and very satisfied with it! Work gets in the way for me… Sneezles61

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And? What do you think?

Game changer for our process. Takes 5 gallons from boil to pitch in under 10 minutes on 55 degree well water. Love it!

the hop rocket does that?

Nope…jaded hydra.

Ok got it. I thought he was literally jaded. Now I see. A chiller. I would like to know if anyone has used the hop rocket though.

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Im interested in that too

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