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Hop Rhizomes Recieved

Hey All,

I just got my hop rhizomes today :smiley: 1 nugget, 1 willamette, 1 goldings.
Also i did not buy from NB, but from another company that was closer on the west coast, so shipping was less than a day.
Has anybody else received their rhizomes yet if yes post what you bough.

Nope. ordered from NB. it’s too early to plant anything here in MN anyways.

Cascade, Galena and Columbus.

Nope. Traded some candy for Summit’s with a guy out in PNW. Should be here by the weekend, hopefully.

I got my Cascades. This is my first try growing. I am a brown thumb, so I got Cascade because they are supposed to be the easiest

:shock: Wow, very cool. I would love to have some Summit!

I guess you have some really good trade goods. :lol:

Cheers, and good luck!

My wife ordered them for me, and I forget where they were from… but it wasn’t a normal homebrew shop.

We are going to try: Cascade, Chinook, Nugget, and Mt Hood. They were the listed as the best of what was available for the growing conditions here in Southern California.

:shock: Wow, very cool. I would love to have some Summit!

I guess you have some really good trade goods. :lol:

Cheers, and good luck![/quote]

I’ll believe it when I see it. Probably two years down the road before I know if it was a fair trade . . . I’m in no hurry.

Where did he get them? I’ve looked around some and haven’t seen summit rhizomes anywhere.

You may have to go around the horn to get this as Oregon can’t ship to Washington and vice-a-versa, I think. … t-rhizome/.

Yep this is also where I got my hop rhizomes from and they already began shipping, since they are in Oregon and I am in California this shipping took only one day via USPS $2.99. Also register with them as a brewer and they will reduce the prices by at least 40% after your first purchase. I mean they seriously send you an email saying that after your first purchase for the rest of your life they reduce the prices of all their products.
Out of respect for our host I didn’t want to mention another company’s URL, but since some B-hoppy was kind enough to mention them I wanted to put in my opinion. So if you are on the west or midwest of the country this might be a pretty good deal for you.

I ordered some Magnums and Centennials from a local grower. Have some 4th year cascades right now.

got some sterlings coming fron nb. first time trying to grow hops. grew some noce tomatoes last year. hopefully ill get them next week. it was in the 70s the other day, i want to get them going

I live right across the river in Vancouver and could find my way to them to get one if I really wanted. I have a goldings and a glacier on order from my LHBS for this year, but may add another in a year or two. What I’d really like to find is a sorachi ace rhizome.

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