Hop Rhizome arrived today

My hop rhizomes just arrived today. I was reading that I should plant different varieties 5’ apart. Like varieties 3 ’ apart. I was planning to plant them in a raised box. It is 16’ x 3’ 18" deep. I was going to split this up in 6 different spots for the hop rhizomes. By the sound of the instructions this will be way to close to each other. Or can I do this since they will be in a raised planter box which each section will be separated? Should I forget the planter box and maybe get 8 separate planters? I do not want to plant them in the ground we have to many gophers loose here in the northeast. What suggestions do my Northern Brewer brothers and sisters have? Thank you for your time.

Gopher schmopher. A hop crown is a Medusa head of a beast. I’d go direct into the ground. Seriously, I used to say I had a black thumb. Hops are so easy, I now say I have a dank thumb.

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I forgot to mention the ground is mostly clay and rocks, this is why I built the raised planter box. So would the box be ok to plant or should I just stick them in the ground with the clay and rocks? Thank you for your input.

Two random ideas… either dig out a pit for each plant to amend with good soil (maybe like the size of half a five gallon bucket) or maybe individual 2x2 beds around each plant? 5 varieties in 16 feet sounds a little crowded. Pots don’t sound promising to me.

Go to home depot get as many bags of soil as hops. Losen the ground up a bit then slice an x on both sides of the bag. Lay the bag on the loosens soil and plant your rhizome in the x on top. Jus keep them waterd. At the end of the season you can cut away the bag. If you don’t like the look of the bags throw mulch over them. Every spring go around them with a shovel to keep them from spreading.

OK, thank you to both. Looks like I will be digging myself 8 holes. Guess I will be growing tomatoes and corn in planters :tomato: :corn:.

intresting to read about growing hops
have been toying with the idea my self

You live somewhere tropical, right? It might be a bit challenging growing hops in that climate. I haven’t looked into it since I live in the great white north, but you might need to do some research for your climate.

yes kind of warm here to grow stuff did some tomato and other green stuff
the iguanas eat it
but have been reading some dude
on the island st thomas bvi does grow hops
try to locate him but he does not reply

need lots of water and shade than it might work