Hop Quantities for German Pils

Sorry at work so I don’t have access to recipe software, but purchasing hops hopefully in time for brew next Saturday. We are doing a 19 gallon batch of German pils, would 8oz of hallertauer (or tett) be enough or better to go for a pound?

I’m at work right now and don’t have my software access, but I’m going to say offhand that for that quantity you’ll probably need around 4 ounces at sixty minutes, four at thirty, and probably four more at around fiteen minutes, depending on how much bitterness you want. Just trying to remember from my last pilsner, I think I used one ounce of perle at 60 minutes, and an ounce of saaz for each late addition for a 5.25 gallon batch. Hope I’m not too far off here.

ordered a pound of tett. I figured we could always use them in a farmhouse or wild ale.

By my calculations, 8 oz of 4.5% alpha acid hops all used at 60 minutes in 19 gallons will get you 35 IBUs which is just about perfect for a German pils. You could go just a touch higher if you want but it’s your option. Personally I wouldn’t add any later than 60 minutes as they taste great boiled for the full boil in my experience – no need to waste any in later additions although you could if you like grassy flavors.