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Hop plants down! Medivac possible?

My beautiful yet clumsy assistant was helping me put up a new terrace around the hops garden when she decided to let go of an eight foot 4x4 post. Of course it had to fall in just the perfect direction and come down on top of a couple of my first year plants. There is some shredding and twists in the stems and I’m afraid I might lose them. Is there any way to save these plants? Before I decide to trim them below the damage I figured I should ask for some advice. There are still leaves under the damage so I figured clipping them back might still work… Might… :cry:


Did you fire her?

Wish I could be of some help…

Wish I could… She just keeps coming back lol

Leave them alone for a few days and see what they do. I’m sure they are fine. If there are leaves below the damaged area then I’d say you are definitely ok. Even if there were torn off right at ground level they’d probably be ok.

Awesome, thank you mp! I was starting to rock back and forth in a little ball holding my scissors :cheers:

I broke some of the bines when I transplanted my first year from a pot to their permanent location. Above the breaks died, below the breaks, what would have been the laterals are now growing out like regular shoots. as long as there are leaves below the break the plant should continue to create energy and will eventually regrow. You might not see much new growth for a while.

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