Hop oil on surface of brew

Can someone post a pic of a hop oil slick please?.I have a slight whiteish slick on the surface of my beer…Was not there last night…but noticed it today after i had a airlock suck back…anyway im trying with all my might to deny i possibly have an infection…I did have quite a bit of leaf hops make it into the carboy which just floated at the surface and once i cold crashed the beer everything sank…I hope this is hop oil with trapped Co2 or even just a little star san causing this appearence and not lacto or some other beer demon

Hop oil doesn’t look whitish. Give it a day, and see if it grows thicker. If yes, I hope you like drinking lambics.

Yeah its a lacto infection…i quess i will pitch some lambic yeast and forget about it for a year…Im surprised that it appeared so suddenly @34*F no less…Looked very clean a few days ago…oh well

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to post a photo of what you have rather than have lots of people post photos of something it is not? Just wondering :roll:

it does not show up in the photos only up close but thanks for the help

it does not show up in the photos only up close but thanks for the help[/quote]

I am guessing it is the star san sitting on top that you sucked up?

it should buff right out

what do you mean by buff out?

It’d say its star san. When I rack to bottleing bucket I’ve noticed the star San floats on the top and has a oil slick type look. I thought all of my first few batches were infected by one thing or another but they all turned out fine. That’s were the rdwhahb comes in. Taste it before you do anything

what do you mean by buff out?[/quote]

I took his statement to be a joke. Buffing a spot off your car finish.

I bet you just fine. Avoid doing much to the beer until you are ready to bottle. Then taste it.

I’ve had something like this from my starsan. I freaked out until I realized what it was.

Dude…I’m voting with the Starsan/RDWHAHB crowd! I ferment in buckets…and don’t see much of the fermenting process…but what you’re describing doesn’t sound that “off” to me! I bet your beer is fine! You’ve come this far…bottle or keg it…let it condition a couple of weeks and drink it!