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Hop lacking

Hey all, I’m a new brewer. I’ve been doing the Cinci pale ale as it is easy to learn on. I was underwhelmed by the hops in my first batch. Someone on here said to double my hops next brew for more hop flavor. Tried it. I spaced out bittering and aromatic and all that good jazz. But when I drank it last night I noticed no real change in the hop flavor of the beer.

I always thought you are supposed to do your best to not let too much hops get into the fermenter from your cooled boil. Am I wrong about this? I am wondering if I should let more hops get into the fermenter and if this negatively affected the hop presence in my beer. As I said, I’m new and I know there is some advanced things I could do that might help, but at the basic level, wouldn’t you think doubling the hops would at least have some effect on the presence of hop taste in the brew? If so, then what am I doing wrong?

If I could find a 'beginners IPA" recipe I’d just assume try that.

Any thoughts or suggestions for this newbie would be much appreciated.

it is definitely a challenge to get a good commercial level hop flavor in your homebrews.

how many hops and what time did you add them?

for the best results in hop flavor i would do a FWH addition, 20min addition, 10min, 5min, 1min, and whirlpool, and dry hop. use pellets to avoid a lot of hop absorption

you CAN let hops get into the fermenter. but i doubt that’s why you’re lacking hop flavor

hmm. thanks! here’s what I did as I recall from my notes:

2 oz horizon - bittering
2 oz liberty - aromatic

added bittering at 30 out
added aromatic at 15, and 5 minutes out

if you want lots of hop flavor an IPA or hoppy pale is the way to go. with majority of the hops late in the boil

hey thanks. are there any beginner’s IPA recipes you know of? I am nervous to get into anything too advanced as I’ve only brewed twice now.

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you’re probably doing extract beers? the host, northernbrewer, has superb extract kits. ive heard good things about dead ringer. others might have better suggestions for i don’t buy the kits anymore

Dead ringer is definitely the way to go. 5 oz of hops, 1 @ 60, 1 @ 20, 2 @ 5 and 1 dryhop. It’s a great beer. You won’t be disappointed.

Cool! Although I’m nervous to dry hop. Feel like it is 1 more opportunity to spoil the batch.

Not to worry. You have less of a chance of infection from dry hopping. You already have an alcoholic environment (reminds me of my childhood, LOL) which will inhibit bacterial growth. Also, hops are a natural antibiotic. Just make sure you sanitize anything that will contact the beer (except the hops of course). If you dry hop in a bag weighted with marbles, or with a string or use a funnel to pour them in. Give it all a soak in some sanitizer and you can be worry free :smiley:

Big late additions and dryhopping is what I’ve been doing to get big hop flavor in my IPA’s and pale ales. Don’t be scared to add several ounces of hops in the last 10min or so and I like to dryhop with at least an ounce or 2 depending on what I’m making. I also prefer whole hops when dryhopping. They’ll absorb some of the beer, so plan for that and make your batch 5.25 gallons, but there’s less chance of getting hop material into the final product.

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