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Hop heavy slurry repitch?

I have a Pliny clone about 5 days into fermentation with US05, and am in the planning stages for a pumpkin ale that I want to use US05 in also…Being cheap and lazy I would like to harvest the slurry from the Pliny and repitch into the Pumpkin ale, which is a relatively low 24 IBU/1.057 OG brew. Bad idea? Pliny being too high in both IBU and ABV to repitch?

I will admit I don’t “wash” yeast, and have never wanted to.

Basically my question is should I just use a fresh pack of US05? or has someone debunked this and repitched similarly with no horrible outcome?

yeast is a terrible thing to waste :cry:

I’ve reused yeast from highly hopped beers and with high ABV without issue.


I regularly re-use yeast that is more hop debris than yeast. It does not seem to carry over any hop character from the original beer.

Apparently the initial batch of beer extracts all the hop character, or enough of it that it’s not noticeable in subsequent batches. I’d be interested in hearing about any instance of hop character carrying over to later batches. I’m sure there are those who can taste such things, but I’m not one of them.



use it - you can even rack onto the undisturbed sediment of a previous batch, in its own fermenter. but beware fast and vigorous activity


Just did this yesterday. The favorite process of lazy brewers everywhere!

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