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Hop hash?

What’s with this stuff? I’ve been seeing it around, and I’m not sure if it’s legit, or a gimmick.

Yeah that’s legit stuff, but good luck getting it. Pretty sure not much is made and it’s only a seasonal product…I can’t find anyone that has it…

Now that the real hash has been legalized over here in the lovely state of California where anything else is practically legal and nothing is a crime… I’m waiting for someone to put some real hash in an IPA. It’s gunna happen

Think there are some beers around. All ready. Have seen it long time. Ago. Till now beter stick to the bong i think

Yeah cannabis beer is out there. I don’t believe they contain THC however.

Hop hash is real. I heard it’s very potent, around 25%-30% AA%. I guess it’s also very strong in he aroma department which would make it interesting to try as a dry hop… err… dry hash I guess. :wink:

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Wouldn’t the risk of oxidation be high with this stuff? I can’t imagine the lupulin glands are intake. The hammer mill could get warm too when it really gets going. Heat would accelerate the oxidation.

Kind of looks like the stuff in the bottom of a package of bulk hops you get for free :grin:

It just kind of seemed like a way to fetishize and resell the crap they clean out of the bottom of a pelletizer… but the way I’ve seen brewers post glamor shots of adding it to their beer, I figured there might be something to it.

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