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Hop hammer. Dont know what happened

So did brew few weeks ago a hop hammer. Og 1.068. Fg 1.010. During transfer it did look fine. So now after carbobation time to taste. Disappointed all over the place. It looks way to creamy. Taste not good. Time to toss it out. Help me. With some ideas. Could it be the yeast should had give more time. 6 weeks i. Did give it


Too high a pH… Not enough cold time to drop the yeast. Low attenuating yeast… Too much wheat… Too much much of the fine dust from the grist and crushing process… there are so many variables, and you know them… its just a matter of some chasing and note taking that will help… Sneezles61

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I’ve had some pretty horrible first taste experiences from beers that later on became some of my best. Don’t toss it out yet. As previously mentioned, cold crash. Age it. Maybe it’ll get better.

Og 1.065. Fg 1.012. 7 lbs 2 row malt 1 lbs rye wheat. 1 lbs. Flaked oats. Hops. 2oz cetennial. 60 min. 1 oz cetennial 30 min. 1oz. Cetennial. 20 min 1oz cetennial flame out. Dry hop. Chinook 1 0z. Ten day primary. 4 weeks. Secondary. Did use 2 liter. Kviek yeast starter. Did sample and transfer. To keg. At a og. Of 1.010. Attentuation. 84% so something went wrong in the keg. I think. During transfer beer nice color. Now. Creamy. Chocolate milk. Think it did get a infection. Somewhere. Aaa and me being anal. Cleaning. Sanatizing. Time to toss it out tonight

Think did catch something during transfer. To the keg. Unless the yeast. Did do not its work complete. Fg. 1.010. After. 6 weeks. Before transfer. But on the end it would happen a long the road a bad batch

What i did this morning. I open the keg. And did add yeast cask conditioner. Got nothing to lose. Or could it be what sneezels. Say. To much wheat malt. Should had skipped. The wheat flakes. Did it acourding. The recipy. From brewers magazine. Not enough. Mash water. Or sparge. Water. Ph i dont know. Been brewing for two years with same water

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The more i do think about it. Think my grain bill not right. To much caramel malt.

How many days has it been since you kegged it? Is it sour?

I don’t think it’s your caramel malt…If it looked fine at kegging, but now appears creamy, I have feeling some wild yeast or lacto took hold.

Its been 3 weeks now. After i did pour my first glass it was not good. So gave it more time to condition in the keg. Week later did try again so that was last sunday. And creamy. So could be wild yeast. Did not think about this. Monday night did add some yeast conditioner cask condition. See what happens got nothing to lose.

Voltron this is a shot in the dark. Wild yeast during transfer. Been tracking back in time. My wife did bring lots of bananas from our banana tree. In to the kitchen. That day i did transfer the. Hop hammer

It’s hard to say for sure…

My only experience with a beer going bad in a keg was after we were transferring commercial beers from a draft truck into corny kegs. A crystal clear strong golden ale turned milky and sour after 3 days in the corny keg. I’m sure we picked up some bug during the transfer process.

Thats the same thing what happend to me not sour. But milky.

You mentioned the taste was bad, anything specific?

Way to sweet. Kind of nasty sweet aftertaste. If it would be banana. Sort of has to do with yeast. But its a way overweliming sweet taste

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