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Hop Growing Thread 2013!

There. I did it. The suspense is over.

I’ve got 4 2nd year plants in raised beds in Glens Falls, NY and they are still under a few inches of snow. BUT, the sap is running and this weeks temps promise to be in the 40’s-50’s all week, so I’m hopeful that I’ll see those tips in a week or two.

Chinook, Nugget, Spalt Select and Sterling. With any luck this year will be EPIC.

Kansas weather is confusing me and my plants. Had 70s a week or so ago, now we have 4 inches of snow.

Last year around this time, we had constant 80’s. I had cones by April.

3rd year chinook, nugget, CTZ

2nd Year Centennial, Mt Hood.

Here’s to a better growing season.


Hurray for the hog growing thread!

I spent yesterday tearing down last years bines.
My wife was down wind as the persistent Zeus flowers got shattered.
She said it smelled like beer.


I have my 3rd year Centennial. Willamette, and Zues ready to brake ground as soon as Mother Nature decides to bring spring to PA.

I have three rhizomes potted. I wanted to give them a head start, last year the heat and dry weather killed my rhizome starts (I now have an irrigation system but not just for hops). The year before it looked like something ate them. My intent was to get them started and transplant from the pots. I have one of the bines already wrapping around a bamboo stake. Yesterday I got 14 inches of snow. Might be a few days before I get them in the ground.

it’s still pretty cold here in Oregon, but my 3rd year chinook has already sprouted.

meanwhile my 3rd year goldings and 2nd year cascades have yet to sprout

Is it a waste to have cascade and centennial? I feel like this is kinda like two of the same. I also have goldings and a Willamette but considering tossing them because I don’t really think i’m gonna use them much. Was thinking I should keep either a cascade or a centennial and add something for dry hopping IPAs that adds a different taste profile than a cascade or centennial. hmmm

I’ve been really happy with my Cascades, Centennial, Chinook, and Zeus. I ripped out a Fuggles. Still hanging onto the Willamettes, even though I don’t use them that much.

Sterling is a nice one for making a pilsner ale, but not a big producer.

[quote=“El Capitan”]I’ve been really happy with my Cascades, Centennial, Chinook, and Zeus. I ripped out a Fuggles. Still hanging onto the Willamettes, even though I don’t use them that much.

Sterling is a nice one for making a pilsner ale, but not a big producer.[/quote]

Agreed, I planted four rhizomes- two high alphas for bittering and bigger beers and two (noble-ish?) aroma hops. The spalt and sterling are low yeilding. I will probably get another variety just because I’m a glutton for punishment, but really you can’t go wrong planting ANY variety as long as you would brew with it.

I noticed yesterday that an armadillo ravaged trough all of the mulch on my hop beds sometime during the last week. Doesn’t look like any damage, but what a mess.

nothing coming up yet here in MN. Cascade, Columbus and Galena.

3rd year Cascade. Was great last year, so I’m expecting a monster this year.

2nd year Willamette and 2 Ultra. Both suffered badly after transplant due to drought and long periods over 100 degrees last summer. Also critters ate the heads and they stopped growing. Hopeful for Ultras to come up, worried about Willamette. I have a friend who ordered 2 Willamette rhizomes, so if mine don’t come up I’ll take the opportunity to diversify.

I just checked and I have sprouts in all six of my plants that I planted last year. This will be the first full year in the ground. Last year moved to our current location and did not get a garden ready until early June. Still had great growth on all except the Willamette which died off. But is appears to have survived the winter and does have some sprouts below the surface.

Up here in Mass, not expecting any sprouts for a while. Ground is still pretty frozen.

I just went to look at my hop garden this year, which is its second year, and noticed that all six of my plants are back in full strength with at least 10 shoots each. I read that for the second year your suppose to trim the first few sprouts and then keep the latter 3-4 sprouts.

What do I do in this situation? Do I just find the 3-4 healthiest looking sprouts and prune the rest?

I hate all of you with hop growth. SE Sconnie My hop yard is still under 5 inches of snow. last year I had already tilled the garden by April 1st.

Yeah, but look how last summer turned out. I’ll take a few extra weeks of cold if we can go without a few extra weeks of 100 plus degrees.

Just noticed my Mt Hood and Horizon have popped up.

Sadly, I’m still waiting on my rhizomes from Northern Brewer. Looking forward to planting them as soon as they get here. I have 2 cascade and 2 willamette coming.

I live in deep south Georgia so I’m not expecting much. But I have a pretty green thumb. I have a decent container garden that has done well in the past for blackberries and peppers. I also have a plot at a local community garden (where I bet I’m going to be the only person growing hops).

Centennial, Chinook, Mt Hood, Nugget and CTZ have all popped up.

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