Hop Filter made with ABT False Bottom

Thinking about buying this (ABT False Bottom w/ stainless elbow http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/abt- … elbow.html ) to install in my boil kettle. I’d like to be able to add whole hops to my boil without using muslin bags. Does anyone have any experience using this product in this manner? Did the hops stay above the stainless mesh. Did it affect the flow of the wort post-boil?

I don’t use the muslin bags, instead I use a nylon bag, similar to what you use for mash in a bag only smaller. I think the one I have is 8x15". What I do is put the first hops in the bag and drop in in the mash, tying the drawstring to the keggle/kettle handle. When I need to add hops, I just open the bag, add, and drop back in. Works pretty good and as long as you keep it high enough to keep it away from the heat, it works great. At the end of the boil, I remove the bag, squeeze it (using high temp glove of course :cheers: