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Hop Analysis seems DO-able

I have always wondered about this although I have not and do not currently grow hops. I have seen the question asked far too many times and the majority of replies give opinions to the original OP with replies such as too expensive, not worth your time, you have to bend over backwards to do such a thing etc… instead of keeping silent or providing useful info. I have always disagreed with these simple Simon responses and knew one day I would touch on a vendor that does it on the cheap.

Well Here we go:

With this discovery I may rethink growing hops and make a run at it now as it was kind of a wash to use homegrown hops and always have to wing it until I made approximate palette guesses at usage rates.

This was just one Company I found in a search unrelated to hops there must be others or Labs with HPLC that could do it for cheap also.

I can get 3-4 lbs of hops for the same price as one analysis ($24). Seems like you’d have to harvest a fair amount of a single hop to make it worth the expense.

HopUnion now offers hop (as well as beer) analysis too:

Please let us know where you’re getting 4lbs of hops for $24. I can find as cheap as $9-$12/lb but have not seen as low as $6/lb.

[quote=“dobe12”]Please let us know where you’re getting 4lbs of hops for $24. I can find as cheap as $9-$12/lb but have not seen as low as $6/lb.[/quote]I buy in 11# and 44# bags from North Country Malt and other bulk sellers (Niko’s will sell to homebrewers, so will individual brewers, but you have to have an existing account with NCM) - just got 2011 Cascade and Columbus pellets for less than $7 a lb. To keep it simple, I post the buy to a couple of local homebrew forums, front the money and buy the hops, then re-package and collect at pickup. Nothing like cutting open a 44# bag of something dank like Columbus! Although the neighbors would probably call the cops if they could see me weighing and bagging. :wink:

That’s helpful to know about Hopunion, they are the ones I thought might be quite high if they ever offered it on a small scale. Heck $35 is not bad if you produce a bunch.

On that topic and for the fact that you need a 7 ounce sample for Hopunion also. What will an average good crowned bine produce in year 2-3+ etc…of a single cultivar. Like said earlier I have no knowledge in hop farming whatsoever. This topic sparked my interest again.

Shade I do like your ways and means in regards to 11 & 44# buys. Makes good sense to me. I knew the possibility of such an operation was within reach. Good to hear people are utilizing buys in other consumables also. I wish I would have latched on to NorthCountry when I had the chance, I was well aware of the intent to close off public distribution a year in advance.

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