Hop advice

Trying to modify a nut Brown ale. It has fuggle.at 60 min and golding at 15 min for a 5 gallon batch. I’d like to have a little more hop flavor at the very end. Like when you take a drink and don’t really get the hop flavor till after you swallow. When would be the time to add more hops and about how much would you suggest?

what type of hop flavor are you going for? Citrusy, dank, woody, grassy, tropical fruit? The best way to add it IME is a hopstand, but typically you want to supplement that with flameout hops and dry hops for aroma.

Fuggle to me sounds like this is an English Brown Ale, which are designed to leave a toasty/nutty/malty flavor lingering into the aftertaste.

I am going for that toasty, nutty after taste. Last time I made the recipe it wasn’t there. Would like more of the after taste. How do you get that?

Toasty, nutty flavor comes more from the malt than it does from the hops. Maybe you need to change your base malt, or add a bit of biscuit malt. Post your recipe.