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Honey Weizen Primary

I brewed the Honey Weizen kit 8 days ago. The following day I had a nice active fermantation. It is 8 days later and I am still getting a bubble every 10 seconds. Seems like a long time after brew to have that much activity. Is this normal?

Temp in the room has been between 67 and 72 the whole time.

Which yeast, what was the OG, and how much did you pitch?
Some weizen strains stick around for quite a while so you’re probably alright. Just let it sit for a couple more weeks.

I never took an OG reading. I broke my hydrometer a couple of years ago and never got another one. The yeast is Wyeast American Wheat. I pitched the whole smack pack. The pack was fully inflated. I guess I will just see how it turns out.

Is there a chance for some off flavors with the primary taking this long?

Possibly because the smack pack most likely didn’t have enough yeast so the strain on yeast may cause some off flavors. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I think you still have activity because the honey takes a long time to ferment out. Everytime I do a honey beer my fermentation will last 7-8 days easy. Take your time with it and you’ll be rewarded.

It has now been 12 days and the airlock is still bubbling every 12 seconds or so. Should I swirl the carboy a little? It seems like I need to get the yeast going again.

Nobody can answer that question for sure without a hydrometer reading. It could still be fermenting or it could just be CO2 coming out of solution.

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