Honey or dme

I plan on brewing a wheat kit here shortly, which is better for bumping up the alcohol honey or dme.I have used honey in the past but this time i would like to use dme so i dont get the sweetness from the honey.How much should i use and at what point in the boil should i add this. THANKS

Honey is like cane/table sugar. It is 100% fermentable. So there will be no residual sugars left over. You may perceive a sweetness, but there is none.

If you have used honey before, why don’t you try the DME so that you know what it taste like to you? It will actually be sweeter than using honey/sugar, a higher FG.

Hey thanks I will try that didn’t realize dme would make
It sweeter than honey!

The difference may be 1-5 points. Depending on the fermentablity of the DME.

Can you tell the difference between the honey beer and a DME beer???

That the thing about homebrewing. Trial, trail, trail. You can do many things to a beer and most of the time it will be very drinkable.