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Honey Malt Steeping

Getting ready to brew a honey ale extract kit. I know that the honey added during the boil will eventually ferment away. But I wanted to use some Gambrinus honey malt to add some honey flavor. Can I just by this grain directly from NB and steep it along with my other grains? How much should I use?
Also thinking about adding some vanilla as well. Any recommendations on how much or when to add?

Sure you can steep/mini mash it… Now, I’ve not used it but being its a specialty malt, best try to keep low… say maybe 3% of the total fermentables…
Give about 45 minutes with you other barley, I will assume you are doing an extract kit… ?
Once your brew is ready to drink, you should take notes on how you think it tastes… Maybe next time you bump the % up or down… I wouldn’t go to 10% right from the git go… It might be an awful brew you just won’t drink…

Honey malt, while not tasting like honey, does provide a sweetness to your beer. I used to use it a lot but after a while, once I identified its taste, it was all I could taste from the malts. I typically used 1/2 a pound to a pound depending on the style of the beer and the amount of grains used. If you are making the 5 gallon White House Honey Ale kit, I can see you adding 4 to 6 oz of honey malt.

I agree with these guys, go easy on the honey malt. The first time I tried it I used one lb I think. It was overwhelming. I believe they call it cloying. Start out small and even if you can’t really taste it your beer won’t be ruined. Then like @sneezles61 said bump it up or down next time.

I am planning on doing the White House honey extract kit. Would I just add the 4-6oz of honey malt to the same bag with all of my other grains and steep it all together just the same?
Thanks for the advice!

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Without looking for your recipe… What is the starting gravity?

The kit says it’s 1062

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