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Honey in a Cream Ale?

Would that overpower the desired mild corny-ness?
Not a lot of honey, probably ~5%, 1/2 #
1/2 of one of these @ flameout … honey.html
Never brewed a cream ale before and the rough recipe is:
76% 6 Row
19% Corn flakes
5% Sugar ( or possibly honey )
~1.055,~20 IBU, Willamette @ 60, Halluertauer @ flameout, US05 @ ~62*

Thoughts/ ideas on the honey addition? Or my awful recipe in general?

You might want to pull down the gravity a little; the honey or sugar will dry out the beer a little more than normal and the extra gravity can make it seem boozy and alcoholic.

Yeah, sometimes I get stuck on “bigger is better”
Pull it back to 1.050, keep the corn at 20%, lose the honey/sugar part?
I suppose that in the end I’ll have made a lot of corn sugar anyways so it should finish pretty low from that.

My favorite variation on the cream ale is to add a vanilla bean. I soak it in about two cups of vanilla vodka, and give it about a week in secondary. It has become my go-to, I always have one around, and the stuff just flies out of the keg when we have people over.

That sounds pretty good too.

Another question,
Should I mill the corn flakes to aid in conversion, mash longer,
Or does the 6 row take care of that good enough on its own?

Also, how does the addition of corn into the mash affect the water retention of the bed, and the Ph?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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