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Honey added La Petite Orange Extract Kit w/Specialty Grains

Hola brew peeps! :slight_smile:

I have some questions regarding this NB kit
La Petite Orange Extract Kit w/Specialty Grains
recipe additions: 2 to 3 orange zestings and maybe the coriander

What im wanting to add as additional to kit:
Add 2lbs to 3lbs of wild farm Orange Blossom Honey (not store bought) to recipe

add at: flameout/ end of boil = supposedly produces dry tasting ands less honey flavor tasting beer. bUT I GUESS WILL KILL ANY MICROBES?


Add @ primary fermentation after a few days: supposedly method used by experienced brewers, this method preserves more of the honey flavor and aromas supposedly? Will it infect my beer this way, Anybody have any experiences?

Choice of yeast: How will any of these methods of adding Honey affect what yeast i pick? Meaning, if I add at end of boil the yeast my OG will be higher thus making it harder on yeast right? So then do I pick a yeast that tolerates a higher OG…Am I correct understanding this.

But if I add @ primary after a few days, then would this still affect my yeast choice or not? because the yeast are not bombed all at once with high OG? :cheers:

I wouldn’t add more than 1/2-1# of honey to a recipe like this (if any). You can add either at flameout or after 2-3 days of fermentation, boil enough water to dissolve it, add the honey to the water, cover, chill in an ice bath, add to fermenter. Make sure you have a way to handle keeping the fermentation temp down, both for the primary fermenation and when you add the honey. A simple sugar like that can easily produce fusel alcohol if it gets too warm.

Yeast selection will not be impacted by adding simple sugars, but yeast pitching rate will. Make sure to use an online yeast calculator to get the right amount.

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