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Homegrown hop IPA

Finally going to have a chance to brew with my homegrown hops this weekend. The grainbill is set (because I already purchased and crushed it):

10 lb GW 2 row
2 lb Munich
8oz CaraVienne

I have the following hops to work with (all home-grown from 1st year bines):

Cascade (about 3 oz)
Zeus (about 4 oz)
Centennial (about 2.5 oz)

Planning to bitter to around 50 ibus with Warrior pellets).

Any suggestions on how to distribute the aroma, flavor, dryhop additions?

Thanks in advance!

Are they dried or green

Dried a few weeks ago and vaccuum sealed.

I have a recipe that I make that uses chinook and cascade. I bitter to 50 IBU at 60 min then I use one ounce of chinook at 20 min that gets it to around 70 IBU you can substitute an ounce of Zeus. Then 1 oz of centennial at flame out. Then dry hop with one or two ounces cascade. It kind of depends on how aromatic your hops are. Mine are less aromatic this year. It’s kind of hard with home grow since they vary so much. I use mine for dry hopping. Good luck. Oh yeah, My recipe use 12 lbs of grain and gets me around 7%.

Thanks. Do you get pretty good hop character from that amount of hopping? I was thinking of using all of them in this batch, but didnt know if it would be overkill,

That’s a personal choice . I wouldn’t put them all in one batch. That’s a lot of hops! I’d split them for two batches. But to each his own. You can definitely taste the hops. What’s your benchmark? I use lagunitas IPA.

FWIW, I’ve read that 1 oz. of pellets is roughly equivalent to 4 or 5 oz. of dried whole hops. I’m no expert, but what you have doesn’t seem like too much for a single batch to me. I’m sure it all depends on the strength of your hops which you won’t know without testing. Last year I used 4.5 oz. Cascade late in the boil with no dryhop & didn’t get the hoppiness I hoped for. This time I’ll put the same in a dryhop with all pellets in the boil & see what happens. Experiments are fun! Good luck! :cheers:

The northern brewer site says pellets are only 10% more efficient. But I agree it depends on the strength of your hops. Do they have a in your face arroma or is it more suttle. Definetly dry hop if you want more hoppines. Let us know how it comes out whatever you do.

I think that’s only if there wet.

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