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Homebrewer's Recipe Guide

Homebrewer’s Recipe Guide: More than 175 Original Beer Recipes, Including Magnificent Pale Ales, Ambers, Stouts, Lagers, and Seasonal Brews, Plus Tips from the Master Brewers by Patrick Higgins , Maura Kate Kilgore , Paul Hertlein .

Anyone have this? How is it? I love my brewing books, but have never ran across this one. It’s kinda dated (1996) so i was wondering how good the recipes are for “today’s brewer”

I’ve had it for years. It’s geared more for extract brewers, but it has some good tips. I think techniques have changed a bit since 1996. It was a good beginners book for me. There’s some great food w/beer recipes in the back. If you could only buy a couple of books on brewing, this wouldn’t be one, but I would recommend it to build your library.

Thanks mrv

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