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Homebrew meetings now allowed in Michigan

For those of you in Michigan I am happy to tell you we can now have meetings in bars, and share our beer!! here is a copy of the email.

[color=#0000BF]November 11, 2011

Dear AHA, Brewers Association and Support Your Local Brewery Members,

Thanks to all of the calls and emails from supporters, House Bill 4061 has been passed by both the Michigan House (103 yeas, 4 nays) and Senate (38 yeas, 0 nays) and was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder on November 10. The bill was supported by Michigan homebrewers and the AHA, and it allows homebrewers to serve homebrew at meetings and events held at Michigan breweries, bars and restaurants.

Until now, whenever a Michigan homebrew club met at a licensed establishment (microbrewery, brewpub or other establishment with a license to sell alcoholic beverages) for a club meeting, a homebrewing demonstration or a competition, they put their host’s license at risk.

With the passage of HB 4061 these same hosts can now legally invite homebrew clubs and their members to participate in these activities. To ensure it is legal, a club needs written permission from the licensed establishment for their meeting or event.

Currently no “approved form” exists (guidance has been requested). For now, a letter that follows the intent of the bill must include:

The date and time of the event
The participating club
The location of the event
That the host acknowledges that it is not in control of unregulated beverages at its establishment (i.e. the club, not the host business, will be serving the homebrew), and agrees to assume liability under section 801(3) for the event.

Many thanks go to bill sponsor Representative Doug Geiss, who is also a homebrewer, and leading bill champion, AHA Governing Committee Chair Chris P. Frey of Saline, Mich.

Thanks for your support of Michigan homebrewers![/color]

Outstanding, thanks for sharing! I guess it makes for a good time to start looking for a local club…

Congrats. Well done, MI.

I hope you’re noting and publicizing those 4 nays. Why in the #$$%@ would anybody object? When I was a kid, you couldn’t buy construction paper on Sunday in my state - what kind of whacked out control freaks worry about stuff like this?

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