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Homebrew in bottle shelf life

Very vague question here.

If I have an Oktoberfest in a bottle for the end of this year. Do you think it would last till next year around the same time if stored
in dark place below too temp? 50 in the winter and up to maybe 62? 65? In the summer?

I think it would be fine to “age” it for one year. A non hoppy beer should be ok, as you’re not worried about hop flavor and aroma dropping off. Why not age it in a fridge with some sort of bag/ cover to prevent light issues? It sounds like you are worried about temperature swings.

I think an Oktoberfest style beer will taste the same after about a year. And maybe even better. Others might not agree, but their cellars aren’t as full of old beer as mine either.

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It sounds like you are worried about temperature swings.

That my friend is a correct statement :slight_smile:

Thanks David!

I was thinking along the same lines as “might get better with age.” I’m gonna give it a shot! Atleast save 2 of them if I can.

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I was thinking about accomplishing somewhat close by putting it in a crawl space since it is dark down there. If I had a fridge dedicated to just my beer, i would probably be able to lager all my bottles if not in a secondary in a fridge. I don’t think the wife would like it if i filled the fridge full of beer and left no room for food. :frowning:

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Just remind her that beer has food value, but food has no beer value.


Tell her you’re on a diet and don’t want the food to tempt your weight loss goals.

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Tell her I’m on a “beer” diet?.. got it! Lol

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